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SoulWork Club is an online club open 24/7 worldwide with tools designed to give you more life, more energy, and more juice. More You! We’ve all heard that the body and mind are connected, and of course so is the soul. We believe that mastering one of these three unlocks the others' potential. We love working through the body because so many of us spend so much time stuck in our heads or looking at a screen.

The possibilities are endless with our programs, you can go as deep as you’re willing to take them!

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SoulWork Club offers several programs for you to choose from. They all offer tools and practices for radiant health, flourishing physique, and unlimited freedom. 

Together, we will reinvent how you relate to your body, mind and desire. We will transform your relationship to your inner critic, and create a connection to your soul - that’s where the unlimited freedom and juice is! 



Hi gorgeous! I’m all about working/training smarter instead of harder. I love results and my vision is a relaxed mind, passionate soul and feisty free body! I’m here to help you become the best turned on version of YOU so that we can connect and have fun together. Because I believe in living a turned on, juicy life!


I train 40 individual clients every week and everyone has a different goal, different body type and different lifestyle. There isn't just one way for all of us, but there is a way for YOU! My goal is to help you find your way and to give you the tools to transform your physical body. You will feel amazing, smashing and strong - simply your BEST!


To be the best You! My dream is, and have always been, to inspire and help people to find health and happiness ! Trough my years of working with just that I have realized that it is so much more than just sweaty hours on the gym. It's about creating the right content in life and dynamically balancing these.



SoulWork is an investment, there is no doubt about it. Should you choose to invest your time, money, and energy into one of our programs, you have our strong commitment in ensuring an incredible value. We know our program creates results. We know it’s an investment that pays itself back many times over. 

  • SoulWork Club

    “The Best You is a great program! I love the fact that it's just 20-30min workouts and so easy to access.
    When I started going into my regular thinking pattern ”This is boring, this is hard, I don't want this" and all the usual stuff the mind says, there was just 5 mins left and I realized that I can actually do this. I loved the mix of yoga, relaxing and soul surfing (although the workouts was my challenge and what I needed support in).
    I feel strong, confident and alive. I will for sure do the program again”

    Mother, yoga teacher, business owner

  • SoulWork Club

    “This is a program far beyond just training and eating healthy.
    This is something that nourishes my soul and heart.
    It does not take time from my daily life, instead it gives me more by letting me access my super powers!”

    Mother and business owner

  • SoulWork Club

    “These are my two favourite coaches! I've been doing yoga with Johanna for years! ”

  • SoulWork Club

    “I feel sooo pulled by passion, thanks to SoulWork Club!
    SoulWork gives me the tools to stay on track and to reach my goals: freedom, strength and joy.
    It is personal, professional and inspirational.”

    Principal teacher, mother and entrepreneur

  • SoulWork Club

    “I love the short, but sweet and sweaty workouts that works the whole body.
    The excercices feel new, fresh and inspiring. A big PLUS that they only take half an hour to complete ;)
    But the whole point of TBY is that it is not just a workout- but also a work-in!
    I enjoy the recovery sessions which has been the missing piece of the puzzle in my fitness routine and they really make me BEAM.
    I highly recommend SWC for anyone who wants to bring out their best features in body, mind and spirit.”

    Member of SWC and participant of "The Best You"

  • SoulWork Club

    “I want to thank SoulWork Club and my super trainers Johanna and Paulina for the reminder that it truly is a teamwork between body, mind and soul to be able to carefully carve out the best version of myself and become a clear, radiant ME!
    21 awesome days and I’m soon about to start a new one.”

    Yogateacher and entrepreneur

  • SoulWork Club

    “The best thing about SoulWork Club (The Best You) is that I can do the workouts anywhere, at any time.
    Since I work from home, I added the workouts to my lunch break, and I loved the results: more energy throughout the day.
    It also inspired and improved my running.
    I also love that I can keep doing the workouts even after the program is done. The Full Body Workout and Lower Body Workout are my favorites! ”

    self-employed translator